1. Bruno! So tiny and so mean and also my first love.
    If there's one thing I miss it's his cute little black and white furry body scratching at my bedroom door. When we got home from school when I was little, the garage door would open and he would come squirming on out and wiggling his tail and just so happy to see us. He always knew when I was sad. Most dogs seem to, which is crazy and a blessing and I can't believe I'm so lucky.
  2. Jasmine. She wasn't my pet, but we got to keep her at our house for a couple nights and she always ate rocks from the backyard.
    We found out that she died because she kept up her reckless habits of eating things she was not supposed to. But she was the first dog I wasn't afraid of when I was little. She was half my size and snuggly as hell. I think I loved her so much because she made my dad so happy.
  3. Nella. My guardian, my motherly and just so kind dog.
    Although she has a tendency to want to kill every animal she lays her eyes on, she is the most loving creature I've known. Being away from her while at college has been extremely depressing and she is the one member of my household I am 100% excited to see over break.