actually I'm a college student rn but I went to a boarding school junior and senior year lolz
  1. we were sent to boarding school bc we were "bad" or bc our parents were tired of us
    lol no most of us chose to go like we literally went thru a rigorous application process to even get the chance to go
  2. we wear super preppy uniforms
    ya no we don't even have a dress code ppl wear crop tops all the time
  3. we're all rich / we're wasps
    well I can't say for all boarding schools but I went to a public one so there were kids from basically all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds
  4. we party all the time
    too much homework for that
  5. It's like hogwarts!!!
    lol I wish it can be fun but in reality it's a bunch of hormonal stressed out teenagers shoved into a small space
  6. we hate it!
    even tho we may complain about it most of us appreciate the opportunities we've been given because of it!!