My Sister Is Incredibly Talented And I Am Dead Inside

But she makes me look like I'm not. @lorothery
  1. Let me draw your attention to my first cameo in her stunning music video for Royksopp
    That's me, standing on the beach, forlorn and zombie-esque (and dead inside)
  2. Despite the stunning visual that my sister crafted of water swaying to and fro across my cold, grey, corpse skin, you can see it all in the eyes.
    I am dead inside.
  3. My oversized eyeballs turn towards the sea. A visual masterpiece
    But there is an emptiness, because what's lacking is a soul behind the peering pupils
  4. But wait! Life! Vivacity! Golden locks of luster!
    Oh, just kidding, that's my sister Lauren.
  5. Oh, there it is. Straggly locks of death.
    Because I'm dead inside
  6. Next cameo, a music video where my dead grey locks were dyed to a convincing vibrant blue
    But don't be fooled...
  7. Because death lies behind the falsities of fluorescent
  8. See it?
    (Dead inside)
  10. Incase you were momentarily convinced otherwise...
  11. I am dead inside.
  12. Figure 3.
  13. Death
  14. Lives
  15. Among
  16. You.
  17. I am dead inside.