Something. @lorothery
  1. Something in the way she moves
    She was a ballerina for fourteen years of her life and was accepted to Boston ballet. So really, watch her move. It's like performance art every time she toasts sourdough bread.
  2. Something in the way she woos
    Look away. You'll be trapped into her spell and/or join her Fanclub. LOOK AWAY.
  3. Somewhere in her smile she knows
    But really, she knows. Question her on politics. On religion. On medieval puppet makers. She will know it and she will win the debate.
  4. Something in her style that shows me
    Don't worry I have a list of the fashion evolution of Lauren Rothery in the works. Let it be known.
  5. Something in the way she knows
    Already clarified this. If you have ever had a moment of deja vu, an unexplained circumstance with an Irish tea leaf reader at a street fair, a shoe salesman that KNEW YOUR SIZE WITHOUT LOOKING AT YOUR FEET, it was Lauren. Not saying she's a shapeshifter but maybe.
  6. Something in the things she shows me
    Love, happiness, peace, sincerity, an undying love for Hanes