With all great things come some letdown: here is the accompanying list to My All Encompassing List of Things I Love
  1. Ice in milk (or orange juice)
  2. Wet doorknobs
  3. Chuckle (the word)
  4. Purple colored sunblock
  5. Hot lettuce
  6. Family car decals
  7. Balloons bouncing around fans
  8. Plastic bags blowing around cars with open windows
  9. The smell of sponges
  10. Blue-dyed water fountains
  11. People recounting to you their entire dreams
  12. Comic sans
  13. Sink holes
  14. The smell of sneezes
  15. Trash cans that are hot when you put your hand in it
  16. Head grease stains on public transportation windows
  17. People saying "crop me in" (doesn't work that way)
  18. People trying to harmonize songs
  19. Towing companies that have the name "friendly" in the title
  20. People eating bananas in public (especially in confined spaces)
  21. Happy birthday written in chocolate sauce on plates in restaurants
  22. Trying to pick a wedgie while wearing a long jacket
  23. Eating croutons with a plastic fork
  24. Soggy popcorn
  25. Provolone cheese
  26. Walking behind a pigeon when he doesn't know you're walking behind him
  27. Stress when a burger is too vertical to fit in your mouth
  28. Street lettuce (lettuce that always seems to be laying dirty in the road after falling off some cart)
  29. Spaghetti squash
  30. Mirrors whose frames are bigger than the mirror itself
  31. Toilets with black toilet seats
  32. An irreversibly overdressed salad
  33. Humans eating peaches with gloves on
  34. Serving utensils inappropriate for what they're serving (e.g. a soup spoon in a bowl of Fritos)