Best Cheap beauty products (that are actually cheap)

Every time I go on Pinterest, I always see all of these "cheaper" options for beauty products that are actually still pretty expensive. Let's be serious. I only have 5$ in my bank account right now, so I can't spend 30$ on a face mask. Here are some better options. DISCLAIMER: These are in both US and Canadian Dollars.
  1. BODY SHOP Seaweed Clay Mask
    Cooling and pore cleaning. It's a perfect dupe for Glam Glow masks which can leave a dent in your bank account. 23$
  2. BODY SHOP Seaweed collection.
    Matching with the clay mask, this worked better for me than Proactiv and was relatively cheap. Great for oily skin. Varying Price.
  3. Coconut Oil
    Only repeated a million times. But, it can replace lotion, shaving cream, and more for a lower price. 12$
  4. ELF Shimmery Bronzer
    Adds a shine and darkens skin (without looking orange). Perfect for summer makeup. 4$
  5. MAYBELLINE "Fit Me" Poreless Foundation
    Great coverage and doesn't leave the face feeling greasy. Added bonus: it's matte. 10$
  6. NYX WonderPencil
    Can be used to define brows, cover zits, and define lips. Also really good at matching skin types without being orange, even on pale skin. 5$
  7. FOREVER 21 Beauty Blender
    Does the job for a quarter of the price. 6$
  8. MAYBELLINE Rocket Mascara
    Separates lashes, gives a ton of volume, and gives unreal length. 8$
  9. MAYBELLINE Brow Drama Eyebrow Mascara
    Adds a bit of colour while keeping those pesky fly-aways in place. 10$
  10. ELF Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eye shadow palette
    Use this all the time. A lot of colours for no money! Colours show up great. 10$
  11. BURTS BEES Lip Balm
    Tingly and super moisturizing. A little more expensive, but definitely with it. I like original. 5$
  12. NYX Retractable Lip Liner
    Great variety and goes on smooth for a clean polished look. 7$
  13. NYX Liquid Suede lipstick
    Really good and cheap lipstick that stays put all day. Smooth and doesn't dry out your lips. 10$