to all those fallout widows who can't game for shit, i empathize.
  1. Occasionally pay attention. Sometimes it's like a movie and you'll need something to talk about when he's forced to do something other than play.
  2. Finally read that book you've been meaning to read for like 3 years. Depending on your significant others attention span for one game you could even tackle a Game of Thrones book.
  3. Mercilessly check Buzzfeed because hey, you never know when they'll update the quiz page. Figure out if they can tell your favorite food based on your zodiac sign. That's vital info.
  4. Learn crafts. Spend as much money as he spent on the game but at Michaels. You can try to knit people shitty scarves for Christmas or maybe start crocheting an afghan you'll never finish and probably end up throwing away.
  5. Annoy the shit out of him and ask questions about the game. He can't get too mad because your just being a "good girlfriend" and taking interest in his passions.
  6. Finally, if he offers to let you play after your inevitable mental breakdown, DO NOT TAKE HIM UP ON IT. It's a trap and it will only lead to further issues because you WILL fuck something up or embarrass yourself because you don't know how to use the god damn controller.