Popular Things That I Can't Get Into

I've tried
  1. Breaking Bad
    I tried, it was like dragging my feet through mud.
  2. The Olympics
    What is going on? Isn't the water toxic? I care about the refugee team this year but other than that it just screws up my tv schedule.
  3. Pokemon Go
    I have zero interest. I'm glad you guys are having fun. Just please stop insisting I have to download it. I don't care.
  4. The Walking Dead
    I don't really like anything about the end of the world. And I care about no one in this show.
  5. Audiobooks
    I've tried and I just can't focus or gather any information. I'm a visual person.
  6. Karaoke
    No.... I won't do it. For some reason it actually makes me mad, I think it's the perfectionist in me.