Shows I've left behind

In no particular order.
  1. 1.
    I had a quick love affair with this show. I binged watch all the season up to 7. I love Nathan Fillion, but I bailed out at the right time. Thank god they didn't renew this year without Stana Katic. That's a How I Met Your Mother kind of ending.
  2. 2.
    The first three seasons of this show are excellent. For me though, it died there. I watched until season 5 and then couldn't do it anymore. This is just a huge cash cow for the CW now, but it also has one of the largest television fanbases around so as long as they still love it, I wouldn't want that to be taken from them. This was the first show I was ever deeply in love with that I had to give up on.
  3. 3.
    Pretty Little Liars
    Another cash cow. The plot of this one is so beyond explanation now that it's become a joke. I wish it was good I really do, some of the characters are awesome and I have a huge crush on Shay Mitchell, but the plot is just not there.
  4. 4.
    Sleepy Hollow
    This is one I'm disappointed about. It had a great premise, promising producers, and the two lead actors that had great chemistry. It died off after the first couple of episodes. I never watched past season one and after the latest character they killed off this year, I'm glad I jumped ship.
  5. 5.
    Stop watching after the first season. This however, unlike the others, improve after me leaving it behind. The writers saw they were in need of a dynamic shift and the results worked in the shows favour. I just couldn't connect with any of the characters enough. Everything I wanted from this show I got from The Flash a year later.
  6. 6.
    The first 12 episodes of this show are solid. It had its glaring faults, but was the overall feel was on point. Then the CW pushed its episode order up to 22 and it was like a fish out of water. Now most of the original cast other than Adelaide Kane, has exited. I hope Kane gets a better series after this one is taken off life support, as I still remain a fan of hers.