1. BOOK: Inherit Midnight
    A fun YA pick that is checking all the right boxes for me. Amazing Race set up with the family drama of the Crawley's, all squabbling for their inheritance.
  2. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Philip DeFranco
    Basically the Internet Daily Show. I'm really into this format and Phil's non judgemental way of looking at the world is really refreshing.
  3. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: PeruseProject
    American Booktuber (yeah channel about books, it's what you thought). Has influenced me to spend in a manner my bank account does not approve. Regan has a very calming tone and is uncharacteristically modest about her intellectual.
  4. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: booksandquills
    British based Dutch Booktuber who works in publishing. Cool insights into the world of she works in, while also having a very similar soothing presence about her.
  5. SONG: Every Cell by Arthur Beatrice
    Really like this one, also the cover art is fantastic.👌
  6. APP: Plant Nanny
    My little plant babies keep me hydrated by keeping them hydrated. I haven't killed one yet. I'm figuring you can. You also get the bonus of naming your plants. Mine include Aaron Burr, Virginia Woolf, and Ferdinand to name a few.