I've been the "sick girl" since I was 13. At 20, it's gotten significantly worse.
  1. People forget about you
    Friends, co workers, etc. You're not around because you can't be and you fade into the past. Often by no fault of their own.
  2. It's the first thing people see
    I tell you I'm sick and I am no longer funny or jovial or apathetic. "Sick" is stitched on to those things Frankenstein style.
  3. You want to be honest with people but it would make them look at you like their "sick friend"
    Relating to 2. You wish you could confide in people about the severity of your condition but if they knew, you now are weak and need to be taken care of at all times.
  4. You feel bad that people have to take care of you
    The people you have no choice but telling often have to take care of you and you feel like a burden.
  5. You have to leave work or school because of your illness
    My life is on pause. I wish desperately to start moving again but there aren't any batteries in this remote.
  6. But everyone else is on fast forward.
    Feeling stagnant is no fun as you get a front row seat to everyone else's progress.
  7. You constantly thinking about what life would be like if you weren't sick.
    Alternate universe style is your dream world. The person you could have been is so clear you can almost reach out and touch her. Almost.