Why Do You Care?

  1. If people take pictures of their food.
    It's Instagram people not the UN. There doesn't need to be this many rules.
  2. If relatives you don't like, don't approve of your choices.
    If Aunt Primrose doesn't approve of how you live your life, try to not care. Her children don't speak to her and she's racist.
  3. If people will think you are intelligent by what you are reading/watching.
    If you enjoy reading Dostoevsky, wicked, you rock that hard cover edition of Crime and Punishment. If you think Cosmos, is the coolest shit around, awesome. If you don't, whatever. Read/watch things to enjoy, not to impress.
  4. If people take selfies.
    Celebrate people feeling good. I get it's annoying if Sarah J from high school posts 15 a day but if it bothers you, unfriend/unfollow her. Not worth your fucks.
  5. If people take video at the Adele concert as opposed to "really living the moment".
    I am not one to do this, but I don't care if people around me do. If you look at these people with anger all you're really saying is that your way of enjoying something is better and that their way is inferior. And really, who sounds like the dickhead there?
  6. I mean really....