Homeboy really knows how to make a woman feel special
  1. "It's a good thing i have two eyes to look at two exceptional beauties" (walking with a coworker)
  2. "If the ice cream doesn't work, you can try a fire extinguisher" (while enjoying an icey snack)
  3. (After winking at me) "did you know I just took a picture of you? Now you're in my eyes forever"
  4. (While wearing a blue dress) "oh you turn my brown eyes blue"
  5. "Do you know what you and the sun have in common? You're both hot."
  6. "If you were my eyes, I wouldn't look at anything else. All I would see is you!"
  7. (While texting) "Oh I wish i was that phone. I'd let you call on me!"
  8. (Walking with two friends) "there must be a beehive around here cause I see some honies!!"