These are just some of the things that annoy me about air travel. Mostly about other passengers.
  1. Armrest crowding
  2. Reserving seats for imaginary friends
  3. Passive aggressive breathing
  4. People standing directly outside the bathroom while you're in it
  5. Any kind of laughing, crying, fidgeting, bag wrangling
  6. Peoples overreactions to other people's kids behavior
  7. The one coffee spot open for the entire airport at 6am
  8. People taking group selfies while the plan is taking off and landing (actually happened)
  9. People acting like overhead bins are a precious commodity to be guarded and hoarded
  10. Any type of unfriendly attitude given to flight attendants.
  11. When you get on and everyone is sitting one seat in between them and you have to be the one to sit between them and they are all looking at you like "don't pick me don't pick me"