Bring on the holiday music, the holiday spirit, the holiday weight, and the holiday movies. My fave holiday things
  1. 6. Holiday music! Bring on the classic jazz like good ole Frank Sinatra to get you through November. Then December we get the Christmas music gods Michael Bubble and Mariah Carey🎼🎤
  2. 5. My holiday sweaters. I'm not just talking about the ones with decorations but the big warm comfy ones... With the socks to go
  3. 4. The movies! I mean I love movies no matter the season but man those holiday movies get me. This is the time of the year to binge watch Halloween movies, rom-coms, and classic Christmas movies that never fail to put you in a better mood
  4. 3. Man I love some good weight. I hate the cold and It keeps me all warm during the harsh winter. Yay for staying in doors all day and eating warm butter filled comfort food
  5. 2. FOOD. I think about food a lot but around Christmas is the only time I get my absolute favorite cookies in the world! And again warm belly filling food that requires a nap right after eating
  6. My number 1 is the Holiday Spirit. The holiday spirit has you craving and loving family and friend time. Everyone is hanging out and just loving the company. It's incredible and I hope the spirit never fades.