A few of these things I have purchased. Most of these things are on my Christmas list. Provided in no particular order:
  1. A SodaStream
    because I should get to feel fabulous af in the comfort of my own home
  2. A Vitamix
    because my açai bowls deserve more than what a Magic Bullet can give them
  3. Yoga
    because if you're a single Angeleno without a neighborhood yoga studio or an Instagram account for your dog, what are you even doing with your life??
  4. A portable picnic table
    because I have very high standards for my snacking at Cinespia
  5. A KCRW angel membership
    because if you're going to support your curiosity, you might as well collect cookbooks from Evan Kleiman
  6. Cable
    because I thought I was over Apple TV, but I'm not
  7. Plated
    because Facebook ads tell me it's how all the beautiful young professionals are eating these days
  8. A Frenchie
    because Bumble boys aren't always the most reliable snuggle buddies
  9. Travel
    because I'd like to get that Elizabeth Gilbert shit outta my system before I'm a married homeowner with a less-than-optimum metabolism
  10. An external hard drive
    because protecting my data is the only kind of "backin' it up" I'm into anymore