Ummmmm cuzz she is
  1. 2. If she dropped a fart 😗
    People would be like "OMG that was dropped exactly at the right time!"
  2. 3. Lemonade what the
    "Lemon-Shade" umm the song was about an angry black woman probably having a psychotic break down in need of her bipolar medication, destroying public property. I just can't stupid!
  3. 4. News reports "OMG Bees done it again!"
    Done what? caused people with no brain whatsoever to attack Rachel Ray and not Rachel Roy. Ok give me a second the fact that the majority of your fans are people who are too illiterate to read, who have increased the sells of Red Lobster because you suggested it in a song?WHAT! Red Lobster the McDonald's of seafood. In my opinion, the level of masterful art she produces is very low. How low? On a scale of 1 to 10 for meaningful content for people who read on higher then a 3rd grade level -1.
  4. 5. Lemonade vs ohhhh say HAMILTON
    Beyoncé take several seats. It's not art because you mention social issues or decided to use "black lives matter to make your music appear relevant and meaningful." I'm sorry you can't make black people look like uncultured hood Rats (Formation) then be like Black Lives Matter. Sorry put some "Respekkkk" on that!
  5. What Queen Bee is good at
    Marketing Crap, Branding Ignorance and making it look like phenomenon!
  6. Don't get me wrong
    Beyonce is super talented but artistry left her music and sound along time ago now she just selling her brand.
  7. Although these just my opinions
    What do I know🙄
  8. End of Morning RANT!