Hi, @Vogue.
  1. How are you doing today?
  2. Wait, he broke up with you over text?
  3. How long had you guys been together?
  4. Can I have a juice?
  5. Oh, no I didn't know you don't drink juice. Do you have LaCroix?
  6. Wow, this kitchen is...cozy. What's your favorite thing to cook?
  7. I'm sorry. Frozen meals for one are okay, though, so don't worry. Can I see your patio?
  8. What's your favorite thing to look at on this patio?
  9. Wow. That's awful. The man across from you killed himself?
  10. Well, do you mind showing me your living room?
  11. I know we already walked through it, but can you tell me about this photo on the coffee table?
  12. You look just like your mother. Do you look anything like your father?
  13. Oh no. Well, you're not the first kid whose dad left the house. Speaking of leaving, can we leave this room and go to your bedroom?
  14. Where do you keep your dirty underwear?
  15. No, not in a sexual way, like where is your hamper?
  16. Do you separate your lights from your darks?
  17. Same. Do you use a little bag to wash your underwear in on the delicate setting?
  18. I agree. It's sort of annoying. Can you show me where you plug in your iPhone?
  19. I'm sorry that triggered the break-up. We can talk about something else...What's your favorite song to hear during a SoulCycle class?
  20. Do you sit in the front or the back of the class?
  21. Have you ever gotten bruised down there?
  22. You're right. That was inappropriate. I'm sorry. Can I have another LaCroix?
  23. Sure. I'll wait here. What type of mattress do you have?
  24. I heard those ones are good. Do you buy your sheets at TJ Maxx?
  25. Did you know they're cheaper at TJ Maxx?
  26. I'm glad I'm teaching you something new! Are you more of a Ross or TJ Maxx girl?
  27. You seemed like a classy TJ Maxx girl. Where do you buy in bulk?
  28. I used to do that with my ex, too, I guess. What day do you prefer to go to Trader Joe's?
  29. Tuesdays are definitely the most underrated day. Hey, can you show me your closet?
  30. I know you're not gay, I just wanted to see what you had in there. Do you use those felt hangers?
  31. They are the best. Did you buy them at TJ Maxx?
  32. I'm smart like that. Now, I have to know, what is your favorite color?
  33. Blue is demure, just like you. Did you realize that color is the same as your eye color?
  34. No. I'm not trying to flirt, it's just an observation. How did you feel when your father walked out on the family?
  35. I'm sorry. I'm just trying to get to know the real you. Where do you buy your yoga pants?
  36. I thought Lululemon was the place where they sold see-through leggings?
  37. I thought so. But, you purchase them anyways?
  38. I'm not trying to push you, I just wanted to get some answers about your lifestyle. Did your leggings peel?
  39. What did you wash them with to avoid that?
  40. I didn't know people washed their clothes with Febreze. Can you tell me about the time you lost your virginity?
  41. Was the basketball player a douchebag?
  42. We can change the subject. What is your first photo on your Tinder profile?
  43. Right. You just got out of a long-term relationship. Again, I'm sorry. But, what was it before you two started dating?
  44. At Runyon Canyon?
  45. Yeah I've been on that hike before. Why do you part your hair on the side?
  46. Are you a Republican?
  47. I'm sorry. You're right. I should've known that you weren't. Did your parents donate to their local NPR affiliate when you were growing up?
  48. Did they make you bring your own healthy snacks to the movies?
  49. Right. Just your mom. I'm sorry. I forgot about that dad thing. Did your mom make you ride in the backseat until you were in high school?
  50. At least she wanted you to be safe. Did she give you the sex talk at a young age?
  51. Totally. A "right" age makes more sense. No judgement. I guess we should leave your closet. Can we go to your bathroom?
  52. It's totally fine if it's small. What brand of toilet paper do you buy?
  53. What brand does the bodega sell in packs of two?
  54. I buy that kind, also. We have so much in common. Where do you get your replacement Sonicare toothbrush heads?
  55. Costco sells them in bulk?
  56. Do you use your parent's Costco card?
  57. Sorry, again. I meant your mom's Costco card. Is that the one you use?
  58. I also love Costco. That custard is so good. Do you go to the one in Los Feliz?
  59. I'm not trying to intrude on your daily life. I just want to get to know you. Can I use your toilet?
  60. Yeah, just turn around. Can you hold my camera while I pee?
  61. Do you see the record button on the bottom right?
  62. Can you press record?
  63. It made the beep noise, so it should be working. Can you turn the camera on yourself while I pee?
  64. What's your secret to perfect skin?
  65. I don't feel like that question is awkward, but okay, I understand. Do you weigh yourself often?
  66. Oh, your gym has a scale?
  67. Do you go to Equinox?
  68. I'm sorry, I forgot that you were a poor Millennial.
  69. Is there not a red button on the screen anymore?
  70. It's okay. We can cut this part out anyways. Now, I must know: How often do you wash your hair?
  71. I don't think that's inappropriate. Our viewers would want to know. Don't you agree?
  72. We can just agree to disagree. So, are you on your period?
  73. Is that why you won't go out on a date with me?