Not necessarily the best food, but a story to tell.
  1. Fish ovaries with @celine and @graham.
    @celine and her family visited us while we lived in Japan. We were in middle school and had just come back from spending the night at a Buddhist temple at Mount Koyasan. We ended up leaving the fish ovary restaurant and going somewhere more middle-school-palate friendly.
  2. Brunch with roommate from modeling days in Japan.
    Reunited with my roommate from modeling in Japan after six years. We talked about the crazy Hungarian model who had an affair with the owner of the agency and I explained to her what The Bachelor was.
  3. Indian food at my sibling's Bar & Bat Mitzvahs.
    Because what else would you have catered for a buffet for 13-year-olds in Atlanta?
  4. Eating leek soup with @celine in Paris at midnight.
    Also included: Listening to vinyl records, the room only being lit by candlelight, and sitting on the floor, while people spoke a language I don't know at all.
  5. Unlimited dumplings while quarantined in China.
    My three-week trip to China coincided with Swine Flu. People in my group got it so they forced us to stay in the hotel. But, we were given access to the dumplings.
  6. Eating alone in Italy for a week.
    Made the spontaneous plan to go to Italy alone. I stayed with this amazing woman who made me homemade gnocchi and spoke very little English.