1. Hot Straight Male Who Works At Anthropologie In The Houseware Department Even Though He Doesn't Know Anything About Faux Rustic Houseware
    Patterned slim fit button down, blue khakis that hit just above the ankles, hip dress shoes, no socks
  2. Suburban Sorority Girl Who Will Probably Go To Nursing School After Graduation
    Oversized t-shirt, Nike running shorts drowned by the t-shirt, side part
  3. Successful Talent Agent Who Is Un-Lucky In The Anatomical Department And Takes Out His Frustrations On His Underpaid Assistant
    Hugo Boss custom suit, Tom Ford cologne, Paul Smith tie
  4. Sort Of Cute, Sort Of Funny Comedian Who Has A Strong Snapchat Presence
    Warby Parker glasses, Gap jeans, American Apparel black t-shirt he purchased at a thrift store, New Balance sneakers his mom gave him for Hanukkah, even though he insisted on no gifts
  5. Pretty Blonde From Florida Who Is Excited All The Time About Living In West Hollywood
    Black H&M fitted dress, heels that are slightly too big for her skinny feat, blowout from DryBar
  6. Guy Who Is Popular On Bumble
    Shirt buttoned all the way up, a Members Only-esque jacket from Barney's, read receipts turned on
  7. Writer Who Talks About Their Spec Script But Is Perpetually Putting The Finishing Touches On The First Draft