Two 16 or 17-year-old girls walked onto the F train and had a v serious conversation about animated movies.
  1. Girl One: "Like, I *liked* Spirited Away, but when people started liking it I kinda hated it."
  2. Girl One (continued): "I also felt like Howl's Moving Castle was like a try-hard film, ya know?"
  3. Girl Two: "Totally. I think it's because we're Asian."
  4. *laughs in unison*
  5. Girl One: "And like I thought Frozen was cool, but the plot was *so* predictable."
  6. Girl Two: "I know. I totally saw the whole "boyfriend-turns-evil" thing from a mile away."
  7. *silence*
  8. Girl One: "But, like, being an animator must be hard I guess."