For @JessePearson and anyone else who might be stopping in Atlanta for longer than a connecting flight.
  1. Best Book Store: A Cappella Books
    One of the best independently-owned bookstores in Atlanta. I'm also biased, because I know the owner, but honestly the OG of the ATL book scene.
  2. Best Cheap Used Book Store: Eagle Eye
    Located in a strip mall, next to Willy's, Eagle Eye is the perfect place for odd used books and strange (un-used calendars)
  3. Best sushi: Ru Sans
    Where else do the chefs sing you a loud song when you come in to eat?
    Suggested by @evan
  4. Green Sprout : phenomenal vegetarian Asian.
    Suggested by @evan
  5. Most Buttery Meal: Mary Mac's Tea Room
    If you haven't been yet, they given you cinnamon roles and corn bread muffins as a starter (for free). Need I say more?
  6. Best BBQ: Daddy D'z BBQ Joynt
    I've been here with meat-eaters who swear by this hole in the wall spot, which is across from a gas station. Also: Fox Bros BBQ is a great choice, as well.
  7. Best Old School Music Venue: Variety Playhouse
    It's run down, but they always manage to get the best bands to play. It's also super cheap.
  8. The Most Bushwick Venue: The Goat Farm
    A mix of artists, concerts, photographers, and whoever else wants to feel like they're back in Brooklyn.
  9. Cheap Tex-Mex: Taqueria Del Sol
    Tacos for like $3 and killer margaritas. I recommend getting there close to 5:30 (when they open), because the line goes out the door, fast.
  10. Weirdest Movie Theater: Plaza Theatre
    They might have a super low health score, but you're there for the experience! They play great independent flicks and also play Rocky Horror Picture show all the time.
  11. The 1000th Waffle House
    Not a category, but I'm making it one. It's also located across the street from the original, which they turned into a museum.
  12. Cheap Thrill: Cascade Family Skating
    We used to go here all the time, because they have $1 roller skating on Monday nights. They play bad hip-hop and sell cold pizza. An excellent place for a birthday party on a budget.
  13. Authentic Everything Food: Buford Highway
    Where you can get real Korean, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, etc. for dirt cheap. They have a bunch of weird signs translated from their native tongue into English that make the experience that much more of an experience.
  14. I could keep this list going forever. I'm open to suggestions from the other Atlantans: @graham and @celine!