Did your parents almost name you something horrific? Or was your Almost Name so good that you wish they would've had a last-minute change of heart in the delivery room?
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    I was born in San Francisco. My mom took me to a Tom Waits concert when I was in utero. You get where this is going.
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    Was going to be named Anastacia after some Dutch relative and called Staci for short. I feel like Staci is either super hot or super weird and I would have been a weird one for sure. But I also hate Sarah so I can't win.
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
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    My Grandfather, William S Dawson II, wanted my parents to name me this because they thought they'd be unable to have children after me. My mother said HELLLLL NO (πŸ™). And to my Grandfather's great pleasure/relief, my brother William S. Dawson IV was born 4 years later.
    Suggested by @LizDawson
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    My parents thought I was a boy for the first half of my mom's pregnancy thanks to a strategically placed foot during the ultrasound. Samuel Sims is a LOT.
    Suggested by @nantea
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    When I was 6, my parents drove me back from a birthday party with a cute girl I had just met named Leanna. My mom dropped the, "You know, Adam was supposed to be named Leanna" Bomb. MOM!!!
    Suggested by @Adam
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    Michelle or Nasi (if I was I boy: Bashir)
    My mom loved Michelle but my father wanted to give me an Iranian name. He liked Nasi or Shanaz. My mom picked Shanaz because Nasi looked like Nazi.
    Suggested by @shanaz
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    Simone, after my great grandmother Simcha. A documentary about Abigail Adams changed their mind at the last minute because I was the first to be born in the US and they wanted something very American. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Simone is my middle name and I always wished they had chosen it as my first.
    Suggested by @abbinka
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    After my uncle who disappeared a little before I was born. He came back when I was 8, and he automatically was my favorite.
    Suggested by @olive
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    Maybe I would be tall and play sports!!!!!
    Suggested by @celeste
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    To this day, my mom thinks this is the most ~beautiful~ name. How she thinks a name befitting only an elderly Harry Potter character could have been appropriate for a real human, I have no idea. All the gratitude to my older sister for insisting I be given an "L" name.
    Suggested by @leighton
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    Matthew, if I were a boy, but 2 years later my brother claimed it.
    Suggested by @lizabeth
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    Maybe I would have popped out with a British accent or daring, ageless looks.
    Suggested by @greyike
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    (Don't pronounce the th - since it is a german name, it is just T) Thst's what I would've been called if I were a boy - it is horrible. Especially since mx cousin is called Thorsten (way too close) and my father can't stand him at all...
    Suggested by @mayla
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    My parents wanted to name me after the state where we lived. I avoided that fate due to a tornado that came through about a month before I was born and narrowly missed our house. After that they decided to go with Grace instead.
    Suggested by @gdd