Still trying to figure out how I can sneak into the NYU Chick-Fil-A...
  1. Biscuit
    Despite their questionable morals, Chick-Fil-A knows how to make a damn good biscuit. Just not on Sunday's.
  2. Humidity
    The kind where you frivolously crank the AC up real high.
  3. Grits
    Specifically from Flying Biscuit in Atlanta.
  4. Y'all
    "You guys" isn't cutting it.
  5. Cheerwine from a Golden Pantry convenience store
    Better than Cherry Coke, trust me.
  6. Cowboy boots
    Embarrassingly, I own one pair (which I actually bought at a rancher's store in California) that I will probably only be able to wear in Georgia. NYC won't get behind this trend anytime soon.