Here's to new connections in 2016
  1. Barley Soup
    I was living in New York, working and writing, at my grandmother's house. She shared stories about Poland in the 1940's and Queens in the 1960's. I shared stories of the brunch wait at Jack's Wife Freda and getting over a lame guy that lived in Brooklyn.
  2. The Oxford Tube
    I commuted between Oxford and London multiple times a week. I was working as a model and simultaneously writing papers on cases of Malaria in Tanzania. I'd get car sick on the bus as I wrote, but this network kept me going.
  3. Bodleian Libraries
    When I wasn't on the bus writing papers, I was huddled in the Radcliffe Camera. Being at Oxford pushed me beyond my academic wits' end, but at least I was doing it in an 18th-century building.
  4. Boingo Hotspot
    Many flights, many times to cheat the free wifi system. Fun fact: I was flying from ATL to LGA and jacked the system so I could use the wifi for free, during the entire flight. I hope 2016 brings even more travel and even more free hotspots.
  5. PAWS Secure
    For the past four months, a lot had changed. I finished an extremely lengthy research project on models in Japan, turned it into an academic paper, which will be published next year, got a god damn college degree, and live to tell the tale.