Growing up, my parents forced us to go to and participate in cultural events against our will. These are some highlights.
  1. Not eating fish ovaries with @celine.
    When I lived in Kyoto, Japan, my step-dad thought it would be a great idea to take a bunch of middle-schoolers to a hipster Japanese restaurant that served whole, raw fish and ovaries. Didn't go well, but it was featured in The New York Times a few years back.
  2. Salsa dancing with my step-dad's students.
    My step-dad is a professor and convinced his students of Japanese history to come to a free salsa lesson with us. I was 11 and they were in their 20's.
  3. Dance camp with kids half my age.
    When I was 13, my mom signed me up for a dance camp with 6-year-olds. I do not dance.
  4. Arabian Nights
    Most misleading name for a free event of swing dancing with retirees. There are pictures somewhere.
  5. Art exhibit in an abandoned office building.
    Bad art and a bad band playing. Our parents made us stay long enough for my mom to start singing with the band.
  6. Multiple trips to the local, dingy movie theater to see foreign films.
    If we went to the movies, it had to be a rated-R, subtitles-only film. We were not allowed to buy snacks even with our own money.