Had a few hours to kill before meeting @graham and @markravina in Copenhagen tomorrow so I went to St.Tropez.
  1. Ate lunch at Dior
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    It wasn't the best lunch I ever had, but I sure did enjoy wandering through the store while I waited for my risotto to arrive.
  2. Grabbed some free shade by the beach.
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    I needed a financial break from St.Tropez.
  3. Purchased hand-embroidered blouses.
    Because where else would you purchase an all-white outfit in case Diddy throws another White Party again?
  4. Wandered the streets of the art district while carrying your new blouses.
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  5. Bought a pair of Rondini sandals.
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    They're handmade and it took me almost two hours to get fit and have them sized, but oh my god are they amazing.
  6. Looked at people looking at yachts.
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    I'd love for someone to conduct a psychological study on why people find the need to take photos in front of yachts they do not own.
  7. Spent 14 euros on an allegedly famous desert.
    It was basically some sort of custard pie. I think? At least they had free wifi.
  8. Caught my water Taxi back to Cannes.
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    Wow, now that's a sentence.