Meet my brother @graham. He's cool and looks like me.
  1. He's a ginger.
    When we were younger, people used to think we were twins.
  2. He's the lead in his high-school musical.
    I think he's playing a bad guy.
  3. He's 6'7"
    Which makes him a giant.
  4. He is a living version of Zac Efron's character in High School Musical.
    He quit basketball so he could focus on the musical like a boss.
  5. He bullied ME as a kid.
    And I never fought back because I was the mature older sister.
  6. He's a lifeguard.
    He saves LIVES people.
  7. He scores all the points for his Jewish youth-group basketball team.
    You might be able to guess why.
  8. He's in a swing dancing group.
    I think he dated his partner. Can you confirm this, @graham?
  9. He's on a ultimate frisbee team.
    They win championships I think!!!
  10. He's about to go to college and be the biggest freshman you've ever seen.
    Note: He's also trying to bulk up so WATCH OUT LADIES.