This is @markravina, my step-dad who is a professor of Japanese history and makes mean scrambled eggs with onions.
  1. He gets paid to think.
  2. He researches samurais.
  3. He has a lot of degrees.
    Columbia (undergraduate), Harvard (for a minute), and Stanford (doctorate) like a BOSS.
  4. He went to Columbia with Obama and didn't know that until a reporter called our house one day to ask if he knew anything about him.
  5. He's fluent in Japanese.
  6. He just shared his HBO GO password with me so I can watch The Jinx. 🙏
  7. He wrote the book "The Last Samurai" that was later turned into a movie as a total coincidence.
    He never met Tom Cruise, but is on the DVD extras. 😎
  8. He wore a killer suit at his Bar Mitzvah.