1. Glacier Freeze
    Did someone specifically go to a glacier, taste it, and then tell everyone at Gatorade HQ that *this* was definitely the flavor of frozen water?
  2. Cool Blue
    What differentiates a lame blue flavor from a cool one?
  3. Riptide Rush
    So was someone in the marketing department like: "So I went to the Bahamas and got caught in a riptide and this is what it tasted like?"
  4. Ice Punch
    Is it supposed to taste like I got punched in the face with ice? Need some clarity here.
  5. Fierce Grape
    Does this mean that this particular flavor has confidence? It just turns my teeth purple.
  6. Rain Lime
    Was there a day when everyone got high, went outside in the rain, and thought it tastes like lime? Probably.