It's 43 degrees today in New York City so I decided to be that girl while I still had the chance.
  1. Walk into J.Crew and try on a pair of shorts and a swimsuit while you're at it.
    Spring is just around the corner!
  2. Buy a $10 smoothie from Juice Press and drink it outside so people will see how warm this weather is for you.
  3. Ask if there are any tables outside for brunch and order an iced coffee.
  4. Take off your winter coat and hold it in your arms.
    It's just *so* warm today.
  5. Chuckle to yourself as you see how many people forgot that melting snow means slush that will destroy your shoes and your dignity.
    Don't worry, you're wearing your Bean Boots.
  6. Check the weather app and realize that it's going to be 21 degrees tomorrow.
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