1. ME: "This is my best offer."
  2. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT: "Are you kidding me? We can't sell you a car at this price."
  3. ME: "I'm offering you a *great* price on a car that I know you want to sell today."
  4. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT: "This is below the wholesale price."
  5. ME: "You wouldn't still be talking to me if that was actually true."
  6. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT: "The price we're offering you is a one-time offer that you shouldn't refuse."
  7. ME: "Fine, I'm gonna go then. I have another dealership offering me a better deal. Have a nice day."
  8. *Leaves for ten minutes and waits around the block.*
  9. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT calls me.
  10. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT: "We talked to the financing manager and we can give it to you. But, we never do this."
  11. *Pause.*
  12. WHITE GUY IN TAN SUIT: "Please come back."
  13. I went back.