Today, a bill to protect models in the workplace got out of committee, which is the first step in a bill becoming a law. I had the opportunity to speak about my experiences working in the industry. ISH IS ABOUT TO GET REAL.
  1. Fly to Sacramento (The Capitol).
  2. Get briefed by a cool assemblyman named Marc Levine who was wearing a rainbow tie.
  3. Read some documents.
  4. Go over the opposing arguments.
  5. Look at some House of Cards GIFS.
  6. Have a few meetings with assemblymembers.
  7. Get snarky during some of those meetings.
  8. Argue with a Republican.
  9. Take a sandwich lunch break in the dingy Capitol cafe. Not the name of the establishment, just the literal building.
  10. Go to the hearing.
  11. Run into the opposition in the bathroom. She says, "We're trying to work with you here."
  12. Smile and walk away.
  13. Wait two hours until the hearing on farm workers is finished.
  14. Roll up to the podium like
  15. Take a deep breath, say what you need to say, cry a little bit.
  16. Watch everyone else cry.
  17. We're all crying.
  18. Listen to the opposition say white man things.
  19. Shake your head.
  20. Get questioned.
  21. Interrupt cross-examination because you have something important to say.
  22. Say it.
  23. Get a head nod from the chairman like "WE GET YOU."
  24. Say a little internal prayer.
  25. Crouch next to the podium.
  26. Freak out.
  27. Hear the first person say "AYE."
  28. Hear everyone say "AYE."
  29. Become Claire Underwood.