1. Had a great time last night!
    Delivered 10:04am
  2. Oh my god look at this cat. LOL CATS.
    Delivered 2:05pm
  3. Hey! Do you wanna go to this concert thing tonight?
    Delivered 4:23pm
  4. About to head out. Let me know if you wanna come!
    Delivered 7:45pm
  5. You're missing out...
    Delivered 8:56pm
  6. Is everything okay?
    Delivered 10:23pm
  7. I thought we had a great time and would love to see you again.
    Delivered 11:51pm
  8. FCK u come on thsx is so rude. In nvr speakin to u agin.
    Delivered 12:37pm
  9. u up?
    Delivered 2:07am
  10. Boy: Hey! Come over. 😘
    Received 2:08am