1. Throw everything you own onto your bed.
  2. Pack shoes first.
    Including the ones you never actually wear while you're at it.
  3. Put in your sneakers.
    You are definitely not going to workout.
  4. Put in the shirts you already visualized that you were going to pack.
    Feel good about that.
  5. Throw in a few "just in case it gets warm" items.
  6. Roll up one pair of pants.
  7. Forget about rolling up the rest.
    Just throw them in.
  8. Pack three similar dresses because "you never know."
  9. Don't forget underwear and socks.
    When in doubt, it's okay to overpack here.
  10. Feel good about having everything you need.
  11. Weigh suitcase.
  12. Overweight by 15 pounds.