1. Sit down.
  2. Open a new document.
  3. Load Pandora.
  4. Jk it's more of a Spotify day.
  5. Check email.
  6. Check Twitter.
  7. Check Instagram on your computer.
  8. Text your friends and tell them you're busy writing today.
    They'll be impressed.
  9. Get a confidence boost.
  10. Eat a snack.
  11. Maybe make a smoothie, too.
  12. Clean dishes.
  13. Put away dishes.
  14. Wipe down all kitchen counters.
  15. Swifter.
  16. Put away cleaning supplies.
  17. Organize that drawer you keep meaning to get to at some point.
  18. Grab your freshly-brewed cup of coffee.
  19. Sit back down at computer.
  20. Forget what you were going to write.