Please be my friend. 💕😎
  1. What's up with 15 minute parking? I can't get in and out of anywhere in 15 minutes.
  2. Look at that Prius, I am never buying a Prius.
  3. The traffic isn't *that* bad.
  4. It's like Atlanta during rush-hour, except, like all the time.
  5. Why aren't their more In-N-Outs?
  6. I live closer to a Chick-Fil-A than an In-N-Out.
    @yassirlester do people go here or will it just be me?
  7. Ralph's is just west-coast Kroger!
  8. I forgot my bags.
  9. People really like to judge you for not bringing your bags.
  10. Everyone is so hot.
  11. Do they have Lululemon outlets here, because I can't go hiking on a Target-outfitted budget.
  12. Should I wear sunscreen 24/7?
  13. These Trader Joe's parking lots are so small!
  14. What are the hardships of people who only have loose ties to the entertainment industry?
  15. Are they okay?
  16. I should probably find a therapist.
  17. But let me spend $11 on a juice first.
  18. I can't buy a Prius. There's no way.
  19. Gas is so much more expensive here.
  20. Fuck it, I'm buying a Prius.