A tale in being a goody two shoes.
  1. I was a good kid in high-school.
    The kind of kid who pretended she didn't do the homework when she really did it all and turned it in early. The kind of kid who was so close with the teachers that they asked her to babysit after-school and eat their snacks.
  2. But I was secretly jealous of the "bad kids."
    The ones who skipped class to get Chick-Fil-A or faked doctor's notes to get out of tests. The ones who would spend third period at the local coffee shop, smoking cigarettes with kids who went to Georgia State.
  3. They got to do something I always wanted to do: Get ISS.
    No, not ISIS, In School Suspension, where you spend your day in a room full of kids who also ate Chick-Fil-A for lunch and roam the halls during class time.
  4. But I was too much of a pussy to just skip school and get caught.
    So I had to ask permission, from my favorite teacher, Mrs. Nolan.
  5. She was cooler than I would ever be.
    She was a librarian, wore all black, was friends with Iron and Wine, and her husband was one of TI's business lawyers.
  6. So I asked her if she would give me ISS.
    And she said no. That I could gladly skip, but she wasn't going to say anything. Oh, and to bring her medium waffle fries and chicken nuggets.
  7. I sat in her office and thought about it.
    On one hand, I could experience the reckless thrill of skipping school. On the other, I wouldn't get to experience the reckless thrill of getting ISS. I wouldn't be able to sit in that room and eat my mischievous chicken sandwich and pretend that I smoked cigarettes.
  8. And what was the fun in that?