I re-wrote the entire pilot of The Hills, because I don't know. Read the full thing here: http://bit.ly/29P9vNy. Here are some highlights.
  1. Lauren interns at VICE.
  2. Heidi thinks she can be a writer on SNL even if you aren't funny.
  3. Heidi and Lauren live in an overpriced two bedroom apartment in Silverlake, right off of Sunset Junction.
  4. Lauren practically only wears clothes from Reformation.
  5. Instead of going to the pool, they hang out at Intelligentsia Coffee.
  6. Lauren wants to write for television.
  7. Heidi just thinks it's cool that writers wear sweatshirts. She wants one.
  8. Shane Smith is Lauren's boss at VICE.
  9. Lauren and Heidi are in the USC film school.
  10. They are friends with a lot of Instagram models.