1. Allison Jennifer Becky Smith-Getty is a California native and she's having a hard time getting a word in.
  2. "Every time I try to—" the girl says, but she can't finish her thought.
  3. She's distracted by Leonardo DiCaprio. He just walked by on Melrose.
  4. "Oh my god. That was—," she says, while pointing at Mr. DiCaprio kissing a model on the cheek.
  5. Ms. Smith-Getty is a 24-year-old Instagram model, whose been struggling to get work.
  6. "It's like—you know what I mean?"
  7. No, we don't quite know what she means.
  8. "Like, unemployment is hard—and like," she paused her thought to stare at Alec Baldwin's daughter running to her 2012 Range Rover, while being chased by paparazzi.
  9. "You see that? She like—has it hard," Ms. Smith-Getty said with a shrug of her shoulders.
  10. Sources close to Ms. Smith-Getty say that she hasn't always been like this.
  11. "Back at USC, she was just a normal, rich Orange County girl," her freshman year roommate Daughter Of Famous Writer said.
  12. "She volunteered at the food bank, occasionally, and dated that off-brand football player."
  13. According to Ms. Daughter Of Famous Writer, she always used to finish her thoughts.
  14. It wasn't until she joined Instagram that everything changed.
  15. "When she posted that first selfie, I knew it was going to be the end of her language capabilities," Ms. Daughter Of Famous Writer said.
  16. "Listen, like, hashtags, okay?" Ms. Smith-Getty said.
  17. Ms. Smith-Getty pulls out her phone and opens her Instagram profile.
  18. "Followers, are, like, yeah, you know?" Ms. Smith Getty said, as she sipped her iced coffee from Alfred's.
  19. Ms. Smith Getty's Tom Ford sunglasses fall off her face.
  20. "Whoops. I'm losing weight in my—," Ms. Smith Getty said, while distracted by Chris Hemsworth's assistant chatting with her boss.
  21. Ms. Smith Getty said that she's trying to get in to acting, but finding an agent has been hard.
  22. "CAA, WME, IDK," Ms. Smith Getty yelled.
  23. She begins to get angry that her iced coffee is empty and throws the cup on the cement.
  24. Oversized ice cubes melt on the sidewalk.
  25. "I'm sorry. Like, juice cleanse," Ms. Smith Getty said. "You know?"