1. Saturday Down South Volunteering At The Women's Clinic
  2. Gone Fishin' For Men Who Agree In Equal Pay
  3. Country Girls Shake Whatever You Want We Won't Judge Your Choices
  4. Whiskey On The Rocks But I'm Totally Down WIth Splitting The Check
  5. Summertime Cruisin' In My Toyota Prius
  6. Last Dance At This Contra Dancing Venue I Read About In The New York Times
  7. Two Step In My Vegan Leather Cowboy Boots
  8. Sweet Home Does This Unit Have Oak Wood Floors
  9. An Ice Cold PBR Do You Accept AMEX
  10. Back Road—Hey I Think This Uber Is Lost
  11. Swingin' On The Porch I Saw On AirBnB
  12. Ride My Tractor At My Organic Farm
  13. Horsin' Around At The PETA Volunteer Event
  14. Trump Keeps Tearing Us Apart