We're live-listing straight from Victory Sandwich Bar in Decatur, Georgia. Thank you @dev and @bjnovak for making this happen.
  1. @mallofamanda made this awesome sign.
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  2. It's like an eighth grade dance starring @jennienina @talleycook @Danni @markravina @schwartztastic
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  3. Impromptu name tag making
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    Don't have name tags? Stop by a local trendy boutique and they'll just give you some!
    Suggested by @celine
  4. Yummy yummy!
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    Suggested by @celine
  5. Conspiracy theories of who's who @mallofamanda
    Suggested by @leah
  6. Eighth grade dance with Whiskey & Coke slushies
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    Suggested by @talleycook
  7. @mallofamanda teaches @schwartztastic how to save a list. New customer ops director, @dev?
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  8. Group photo!!!
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    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  9. I want to touch all of your faces because this is all too surreal
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    Suggested by @Danni
  10. It was like a family reunion where we had never met any of our relatives in person yet #ListAppCousins. Either you're from the @dev or the @bjnovak gene pool.
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  11. Thank you to our name tag calligraphy artist @madeline
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    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  12. What a crazy fun party!!! But I think someone left their undies behind? If no one claims I will put to good use.
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    Suggested by @mallofamanda