1. GIRL ONE: "So should I text him?"
  2. GIRL TWO: "I mean, if you're into him then you obviously should."
  3. GIRL ONE: "Here's what I'm thinking of saying: "Loved bumping into you at SoulCycle on Tuesday! We should get drinks this week!"
  4. GIRL TWO: "How many exclamation points did you use?"
  5. GIRL ONE: "Two. Should I delete one?"
  6. GIRL TWO: "Yeah, delete the one after 'Tuesday.' It's too excited for exercise."
  7. GIRL ONE: "Done. Should I send it?"
  8. GIRL TWO: "I mean if you like him you probably should do that."
  9. GIRL ONE: "Fuck it, it's 2016. I sent it."
  10. GIRL TWO: "He'll respond."
  11. GIRL ONE: "What if he doesn't?"
  12. GIRL TWO: "He'll respond."
  13. GIRL ONE: "I'm just gonna check to see if it went through."
  14. GIRL TWO: "The message always goes through."
  15. GIRL ONE: "He read it."
  16. GIRL TWO: "Oh, no. Is he typing back?"
  17. GIRL ONE: "No..."
  18. GIRL TWO: "I'm sure he's busy!"
  19. GIRL ONE: "Yeah, or like, he's on the subway and lost service so he can't respond."
  20. GIRL TWO: "Totally! Or maybe he was walking down the street and ran into a friend!"
  21. GIRL ONE: "Honestly, I was thinking the same thing."
  22. GIRL TWO: "You know what? I bet he was looking at Google Maps, saw the text, opened it, and then had to go back to Google Maps to read the next direction."
  23. GIRL ONE: "I could see that. Well, I hope he's okay."
  24. GIRL TWO: "He is totally fine. I am, like, 100 percent positive."
  25. GIRL ONE: "Yeah or like he was on a run and was picking a song on Spotify, opened the text, thought about me, and picked a Beyonce song."
  26. GIRL TWO: "Yeah and then I bet he continued running and just got in the zone, ya know?"
  27. GIRL ONE: "Yeah, right. Okay, but hear me out: What if he was running across the street and got hit by a cab? That could've just happened."
  28. GIRL TWO: "Don't be ridiculous."
  29. GIRL ONE: "I'm going to double text him."