1. She got an F.
  2. It was Jason's fault.
  3. Sara could feel Jason staring at her from the back of the classroom during the entire test.
  4. No, she could not remember the correct computation of derivatives.
  5. She couldn't even remember her home phone number.
  6. But, let's be real, who actually knows that by heart anyways?
  7. Sara made a conscious effort during the rest of the week to avoid Jason.
  8. She couldn't believe that he hadn't Instagram-announced that he was moving.
  9. No Snapchat. No text. No Vine. Nothing.
  10. At least it was Friday.
  11. Sara was ready to get her mind off Jason.
  12. She had big plans anyways. Tonight, she was going to the One Direction concert.
  13. On Saturday, she was getting an acai bowl with her friend from Twitter.
  14. She was in desperate need of some relaxation.
  15. The final bell of the day rang.
  16. What class was she in? She couldn't remember and she didn't care to remember.
  17. The halls were packed. On her way to her locker, she ran into Veronica.
  18. "Bb! Are you going to that party on Overland tonight?"
  19. "I can't, I'm seeing 1D, sans Zayn."
  20. "RIP." They both sighed in unison.
  21. Emerson flipped her hair and walked away.
  22. Sara walked over to her locker and stared at it.
  23. She couldn't even remember her locker combination.
  24. What was she going to say to him? She was angry. Like, fuming angry.
  25. She wanted to ask why he hadn't called. Why he hadn't spoken to her since summer camp. Why he ghosted her.
  26. "Need any help with that?"
  27. "I---."