1. Sara lie across her fluffy, white duvet that her mom purchased at West Elm, while she scrolled through Instagram.
  2. It's Tuesday and she's totally wiped. To be honest, that AP Calc test was rough. She didn't perform as well as she would've liked.
  3. Maybe it was the fact that she was at VidCon all weekend or maybe it was the fact that she was still hung up about Jason.
  4. She didn't care.
  5. The setting sun lit her rosy cheeks perfectly. Sara swiped open her front facing camera and took a selfie.
  6. Well, more like thirty three to be exact.
  7. No one ever looks good in their first selfie.
  8. She increased the saturation levels and decreased the brightness.
  9. "Perfect," she thought to herself.
  10. Her BFF Emerson triple-texted her. She's been on Sara's last nerve.
  11. So, she ignored them and opened Instagram again.
  12. She couldn't even remember where she left off. This day has been such a blur.
  13. Her camera roll popped up with thirty three images of her face.
  14. She found the edited photo and uploaded it.
  15. No caption.
  16. She took a deep breath.
  17. She stared at her ceiling, noticing that her One Direction poster was peeling away from the wall.
  18. She felt her hip buzz.
  19. A new message lit across her lock screen.
  20. It was Jason.