1. Sara couldn't hear what Emerson was saying over the latest Travis Scott track.
  2. "DID YOU SEE THAT BECCA AND DREW WERE MAKING OUT ON THE DECK?!" Emerson shouted, as she swayed her hips back and forth to the beat.
  3. Sara nodded her head and took a swig of a bottle of Taaka Vodka, followed by a Ralphs-brand sports drink.
  4. She held back throw-up.
  5. The living room smelled like sweat and cheap liquor.
  6. Some bros from the lacrosse team were playing beer pong, while Amber looked on, worried that each ring of condensation would stain her parent's new Restoration Hardware table.
  7. God, I could be watching Vanderpump Rules right now, Sara thought to herself.
  8. Emerson dragged Sara to the party, insisting that they needed a "Girls Night Out."
  9. Really, Sara knew that Emerson just wanted to look cute for an Instagram.
  10. It did already have over 100 likes.
  11. The whole Jason thing was really getting on her nerves.
  12. She glanced at the bottle of Taaka, took a deep breath, and finished it. No sports drink chaser this time.
  13. He's sort of cute, Sara thought to herself, as she watched Ben, the senior lacrosse player effortlessly sink a ping pong ball into a red solo cup.
  14. Beer sloshed on the table.
  15. Sara glanced at herself in the mirror above the fireplace.
  16. Damn, I look good.
  17. Ben saw Sara walk towards him.
  18. "Sara," Ben smirked. "I wasn't expecting to see you here."
  19. Sara smiled and twirled a lock of her hair in her left hand.
  20. "Well, I'm glad that I could bring something a little more interesting to this party," she replied.
  21. God, that was lame. She needed to try that again.
  22. Ben put his hand on her lower back. Sara shivered.
  23. "I've got a surprise for you."
  24. "Oh, do you?" Ben said, raising his eyebrows.
  25. Sara grabbed Ben's hand and led him towards Amber's guest bedroom.
  26. Just as she rounded the corner, there he was, staring at her from the kitchen.
  27. She locked the door behind them.