Modeling Highlights, With Context

Modeling is all fun and games until you're an underage high-fashion model.
  1. Hollywood Hills, 15
    Spring break of my sophomore year of high-school. This was a glorified, unpaid, test shoot, with some top photographer. She wanted to shoot at sunset, but was delayed by three hours, while she ate a late lunch. I was crouching in the grass because I needed to pee and they thought the shot was more important than my bodily function.
  2. Rose garden, Tokyo, 15.
    See those boots I'm wearing? They were a size six and I was a size 10. After every shot, they would fly off my feet and the photographer just thought it was "cute."
  3. Some lake near Mt. Fuji, 16
    I was running on three hours of sleep and had already been shooting for ten hours at this point when it started to hail. In the middle of the summer, in Japan. When this shot was taken, hail began to make huge droplets in the water, but they photo-shopped them out. The shoot ended up lasting 20 hours.
  4. Test shoot, Japan, 15
    An earthquake happened while they took this photo and no one seemed to care. When I tried to ask if they felt anything, they all shrugged and put on some old Taylor Swift music.
  5. Another test shoot, Atlanta, 17
    Moments before I was hand-cuffed to the back of a police car for "trespassing." The photographer apologized to the cop profusely that we didn't know and I cried, while explaining that I was an AP Scholar. I wish the cop had arrested me, because I would have had a pretty glamorous mug-shot.
  6. "Editorial," Los Angeles, 15
    My mom and I showed up at the photographer's run-down apartment in Burbank. She had no AC and her floor was covered in cat hair and hair ties. My feet were so dirty, because she insisted I stand without shoes on. I think this shot perfectly sums of the aesthetic of her apartment.