1. Took Colin for a lovely stroll through Central Park yesterday in his new @Bugaboo stroller. The air was perfect, but he kept screaming every time a duck quacked. I treated myself to a $12 juice afterwards. Motherhood is harder than I thought. #blessed
  2. Lovely mommy and son yoga session @yogaworks. Heather was such a forgiving instructor after Colin crapped himself while I was doing downward dog and he was sucking his toes on his back. SO EMBARRASSING. Loving the new cloth #diapers.
  3. Daddy was in town for two days this month, so we all went for lunch at Locanda Verde. Colin looks just like his daddy, but with a little less of that big boy attitude! 🙊
  4. Today was tough. Colin would not go down for a nap. The nanny tried twice, while I was at the spa. She FaceTimed me, while I was getting a facial peal, but that didn't seem to work either! Any tips fellow urban mommas?
  5. These flowers remind of the day we brought Colin home. It was a warm summer day and hydrangeas were blooming. I bought the lavender ones to place in the center of our new custom #wood table. Colin has already puked on it.
  6. Love reading to my sweet Colin. I'm reading to him in Afrikaans because I want him to be cultured and grounded. I am so humbled being a mother. I feel so lucky.
  7. Fellow urban mommas: Things are stressful. I almost caved in and got a second nanny. Dorinda and I can't do this alone, but a text from my mother encouraged me to persevere. I am feeling more confident in my parenting each day. (p.s. miss you hubby)
  8. Daddy arrived late tonight, but I was able to put Colin to bed all by myself. I deserve this bottle of wine.
  9. Ladies: I caved. I got the second nanny, but she is AMAZING. She is fluent in Afrikaans and is willing to become fluent in Mandarin to teach little Colin. Happy to pass along her name. I am feeling so good as a mother right now. I can't wait to go on my #yoga retreat in #Bermuda for a month. Colin will be in very good hands.