1. I was three.
    I was peering out of the window at my mom's house. I could barely see, even though I was standing on my tippy toes. My dad pulls up in his blue, convertible Pontiac, blasting the Rolling Stones. A car-seat was placed in the back for me.
  2. 3. Playing in the snow in Westminister, Maryland. It was so deep, and my coat was so bulky, that I could barely move.
    Suggested by @bobbyhundreds
  3. I was probably around 2-3 years old and I remember my mom holding me above a bath tub, filling it with water, getting ready to bathe me. All of the sudden it became black and I remember nose diving. Upon confronting her later about it (when I was 10?) turns out she accidentally dropped me into the tub. Oh memories.
    Side note: Upon growing up, I obviously learned that mom is the best woman alive and a total spaz. I was a slippery baby, I can't blame her.
    Suggested by @Danni
  4. I was three. My first car accident.
    My dad went inside to grab the Blockbuster video we had to return and left me in the car by myself. It was different times then so I sat shotgun with no car seat. I decided to pretend drive, released the emergency break and the car coasted back down the driveway, across the street and in to a tree. The neighbor lady pulled me out through the driver side window. I cried.
    Suggested by @amber
  5. I was about three. My family and I were at an amusement park, Universal Studios I think. My dad somehow got me a stuffed Tara panda, a really popular Japanese cartoon character. I was sitting in my stroller as he handed me this panda that was as big as my entire body.. My mom said it looked like ET. It terrified me.
    Suggested by @OffTheDott
  6. My dad carrying me as my family walked around on Halloween trick or treating. I believe I was a Dalmatian pup that year🐶🎃
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty