Oxford, 2013 and 2015.
  1. Drinking a pint of beer is more important than drinking apint of water.
  2. Your water glass will be small and please don't ask for a refill.
  3. Oxford students know a lot more about American politics than I know about British politics.
  4. Taking professional photos in off-brand nightclubs and making them your profile picture on Facebook are a common occurrence.
  5. Making this photo your first photo on Tinder are also a common occurrence.
  6. A "fancy dress" party does not mean show up in a ball gown.
  7. Your either sleeping together or your probably talking about marriage.
  8. People are quiet in pubs and don't actually scream, unless a Manchester United game is on and they're winning.
  9. Red bull is a popular chaser for pretty much any liquor.
  10. "Cheese" music means "Songs that were on a Now That's What I Call CD in 2004" and you will only know the chorus.
  11. Drunk kebabs > Drunk pizza
  12. Getting a photo inside the Kebab truck owner is a status symbol, which I achieved on multiple occasions.
  13. Pledging allegiance to a kebab truck owner is taken seriously. I pledged allegiance to Hussein and never looked back.